Tuesday, December 24, 2013

doc's "friends" re-post

  Dr. Bill Leavell part 2

Now that you’ve read all about Bill Leavell, Editor and Publisher of the Washington Report...and long time guest on my show...I’ll reveal for the first time a “not for publication” letter he sent me sometime in 2004.  We never discussed the letter on the air but had some short chats off the air about the content.
Here’s the letter for you:
“I share this with you as my friend.  Not for publication.
For the first time in a while my “middleast friends” just contacted me.  They wanted to be sure I understood the news about the 200 Jews leaving France yesterday. (July 2004) And they said over 2,000 will leave France for the “homeland” this year. More next year. It’s the same in other countries around the world.  They are promoting this.  It’s “come home time”.
Now in complete confidence...
They renewed a long standing offer for me, a non-Jew, to come with my wife, a non-Jew, to live in Israel. They would assist in any way needed.  I would not have to “convert.”  No pressure.  They said they considered me a “friend”.
I thanked them but told them I have roots, family, and loyalties in the U.S.  They said they understood but the offer was sincere and would remain “on the table” anytime.
I was honored.  I don’t know what prompted this.  I’ve never given them any reason to think I wanted to move.  I asked if they thought I might not be “safe” in the U.S?  Did they know something I didn’t?  They didn’t answer.
Now, a real shocker.  They asked how my tomatoes were doing?  They said I could grow things in Israel. How in the hell did they know about my tomatoes?  I have never mentioned my tomatoes to them.  
While I was in shock...they asked how I liked my new car with the “On Star”.
They are amazing.  I was impressed.”

That’s the letter.  I waited over 48 hours to post this...and no one tried to stop me.
Ole Doc was something else!


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