Sunday, January 12, 2014

Neil:First "gay" baseball broadcaster?

       When Neil Rogers and I were working together for the first time at WNWS in Miami...Neil was also broadcasting University of Miami baseball games and he was really good at it.  Kind of a Harry Carey type approach.
He told me he had heard that the Atlanta Braves had an opening for a play by play guy but he said he wasn’t going to apply. 
“They would never hire a gay guy!” he said.
I said go ahead. If they turn you down you can just sue the hell out of them!

I was doing my afternoon drive show In Philadelphia at WWDB-FM...The Talk Station...and my guest was model Cheryl Tiegs.
She was pitching a new single lens camera she was representing and I ask her to shoot some shots of me which she did.
I’ve still got one and on the back I wrote..pic of me taken by model Cheryl Tiegs!

While working at NBC News Chicago as a writer/producer a big wheel NBC-TV correspondent flew in (no name here) as Nightly News liked a “name” guy on important stories. 
He would be reporting the lead story on the evening cast so it was important that he get some local info and write it up before airtime.  We had film, of course, which he would be introducing and several reporters and crews with producers were available to him...but...alas...that would be hard work to talk to those people.
Instead he ripped wire copy off the teletype machine with info, of course, available to all the worlds news desks.  He re-wrote that copy...and went to dinner.  About fifteen minutes before the Nightly News he returned...pulled a clean dress shirt out of his suitcase and put it on and tied his tie and brushed his hair.
Ten minutes after his insert was done as lead story on the Nightly News he was in a cab on his way back to NYC.
As Walter might say... “and that’s the way it is”.
This the way...was very highly paid...but didn’t earn it!

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