Monday, January 13, 2014

mexican beer water?

for the beer drinkers among us.....

So there’s this new tv ad from Bud,"where does your Bud come from” as if anyone really wants to know, right.
This reminded me of a question I’ve often thought of cause I love Mexican beer and Mexican food.
Where does Dos Equis get the water for their great beer?
Not just them....but for all the fine beers from Mexico:
Carta Blanca, Tecate, Sol, Corona etc etc etc....
Just think on this for a moment.
All the bottles of all these good tasting beers....but you can’t drink the water down there?
That’s a bunch of water needed by all these outfits everyday...and to my knowledge Mexico doesn’t have a “land of clear blue water” does it?
I could be wrong.
So..what’s Bud up to with this new ad?  Are the finally feeling the pressure from the south?
We’ll see if there’s a follow up Bud ad about “where does the water in your beer come from!”
And by the way...on the Dos Equis dude...fancy pants beer pitcher leave the impression (with all those female beauties hanging on you in the ad) that even I can get laid drinking your beer. I’ve been drinking DE light for years and it hasn't improved my sex life!
We know where those beauties come from...a Hollywood casting too!
..... but where does the water come from, eh?

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