Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Harvard gals for the asking!

potential ‘girl friends” at HARVARD ???

Somebody at Harvard must have read this blog...and maybe passed it along or something. (Some professor using it as a “how not to write a blog” lecture in their class?)

I don’t know how the Facebook “friends” thing works...but today I was chatting on there with my son in Chicago and I happened to click on the “see all” potential friends thing and what pops up but a list...and I do mean a long..really long list of women (I prefer the female gender, of course, so I had chosen that). 
But dig this...most on that list and my guess is over 200 maybe pushing 300 women were at Harvard!  I hope someone can explain that.  I enjoyed it.  
.......so “hello Harvard...how’s the yard?”
        Cambridge is great and Boston one of the finest cities I’ve had the pleasure to taking my radio merry-go-round too. I sorta “left my heart there” and basically enjoyed every moment even though I couldn’t get a date (or get laid) because that damn Boston Strangler was doing his thing while I was there.  
Well..the Paula Prentiss long sexy late night phone call was good stuff (see my earlier post on that.)
But my son wasn’t impressed by me typing out the first names of all these Harvard girls.  He said “what are you doing?” so I had to go thru the whole routine for him.  My Facebook “friends” are for family only...so these Harvardites should have been connected with one of my kin but there weren’t.  
I even got a gal who’s a host at Huffington Post and the French Press correspondent in China!  She I clicked to “friend”.  I’ll let you know.  
       Oh yes...a big wheel too...an advisor to Hillary or John Kerry at the State Department!   Heady stuff like that’s interesting as it really comes out of left field.  I got one the other day from Ted Kopple...the creep.  No I didn’t friend him! (see my earlier posting on Kopple in Saigon.)
So...answers...I want answers. Why did "half" of  Harvard's female students show up on a long, long list on my computer? Huh?


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