Sunday, January 26, 2014

stinky Don Draper on Mad Men

just wondering......

My son got me hooked on the Mad Men series.  After watching seasons 1 thru 6...I am left wondering about the marvel of Don Draper never taking a shower in six seasons.  Even after having sex at all hours of the day and night with every female that came within a mile of him?  Still no shower?  Nope...just a clean shirt.  Don Draper...award for the best stinker on Mad Ave!
     Or as Peggy would say:
     "So many little time"! 
       Right Don?


The best looking car on the road this year is the new Ford Fusion...but only in the “pearl white”.  The second best is the KIA Optima SDS (or something like that) but not in black.
And I’m wondering what drives you to drive a new car?  There are generally three reasons one buys a new car:’s looks...and color
2.....the inside & gadgets
3.....engine and all that jazz.

I pick the outside looks and the color as my most important aspect in selecting a new car.
I’m wondering what your opinion is.
You can E-mail me your choice of the above and I’ll print a few with no names or addresses so the car salesmen leave you alone. 

come on...let’s hear from you! 

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