Wednesday, January 15, 2014

don't hit the Kennedy kids!

         don't hit the Kennedy kids!
       One weekend while I was working in Boston I thought I’d drive “down the shore” (as we say in Philly) to Cape Cod and check out the famous Hyannisport and maybe Teddy’s infamous bridge!
I zeroed in on the Kennedy compound driving slowly to take a look from the car when suddenly from a small market about a half dozen kids bounded out and ran right in front of me!  
I slammed on my brakes narrowly missing them.  I wonder how many future Congressmen’s lives I saved by doing that.  They were probably just Bobby’s secret services types were around for protection.

Betty from Philly and I were vacationing on the beautiful isle of Aruba and decided to play some slots in the hotel casino.
There was a guy at the slots playing like there was no tomorrow.  I mean he was doing it big time.  
I smiled at him and he responded that he wasn’t winning anything on the damned machines.
Then he confided “well...I’m just washing money anyway!”
"That’s the way I make my living."
And if that don’t grab you...try this one:

We also hit the island of St. Thomas...a favorite for shoppers for years....and my favorite of all! 
This was in the early 80’s and the prices were still very good there.
At the hotel pool we chatted with a young couple from Philadelphia (and listeners to WWDB of course.)
The guy confided that they made their living just traveling to St. Thomas and back about every month or so.  
I a way to go.  I could handle that!
You know what they did?
They each bought a rolex watch (top of the line). Then they returned to Philly and sold them at a tremendous markup.
About a month or two later they repeated it etc,etc,etc.
Well...everyone has to make a buck, right.
Tough life those two!

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