Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dr.Pepper Cherry,Chef's Cupboard Mashed & Mill Stream soup

some other choice goodies....

Several posts ago I plugged some products which I particularly enjoy consuming...Tastykake coffee cakes & fruit cake when available...Honeycomb Cereal...and Tampico Juice (Island only).

       Here’s three more...

Dr. Pepper CHERRY cola.  Not Coke...although it’s good too but Dr. Pepper wins this race in an sprint.  Taste is delicious and the color is extraordinary. Sounds like I’m wine tasting doesn’t it.
Where are the best instant mashed potatoes?  
You’re gonna say Walmart or your favorite supermarket...but I’ve got a surprise for you.
I’ve fixed and tried them all and by far Aldi (el cheap-o markets) have the best: 
Chef’s Cupboard buttery mashed cannot be beat.  Forgot those Idahoan things...just get to Aldi...but remember to bring your own plastic bag...they don’t give you one.  And don’t follow the stupid instructions on the package...just boil the required water and then stir the stuff in like you do with the others.  It’s so good it’ll knock your socks off.  Better than Mom used to make!  (sorry Mom)
Chef’s Cupboard stuffing is good too.  Happy holidays.


Dear Mr. Major: 

Thank you for contacting us to compliment our Instant Mashed Potatoes.  We appreciate your positive feedback. 
We sincerely strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices, and this type of feedback lets us know that we are succeeding. 
ALDI greatly appreciates your business, and we hope our stores will continue to serve you well in the future. 

Kindest regards, 

Marcy H. 
Customer Service Representative 

       Great Soup (if you can find it!)

This soup was in Big Lots...(been gone for awhile).
It's MILLS STREAM tomato soup with orzo pastas and it is really good.  
I toss a few Cheese nips in it and it's great. No MSG...just add water...makes about eight servings.
If you find it anywhere please let me know.  I can’t.

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