Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I'm doing it, Uncle Neil!

      going thru those tapes........(thanks to “audio hijack” from the Nicecast folks...free too!)

      after all these years I’m finally doing it...Neil!...
I’ve found cassettes from the old WNWS when I worked the first time with Mr. Rogers and got that call completed to Richard Nixon which was heard ‘round the world. 
Yes and when the mayor of Miami called me “Joseph Gobbles” cause I didn’t cave to the Cubans on the boatlift. 
And I left town to go to a better place...Philly... before anyone took a shot at me!
Then there’s the wild and whacky number one rated duo of Neil and Stan on WINZ when it used to have ratings! We had double digit numbers...today they’re lucky to have a single one.
One of the first tapes I listened too is of my show with Arlene Ross the really good news gal chiding me about talking about “sex” so much.
“You can’t go an hour on your show and not talk about sex” she said.
She sounds really good too...I mean she wasn’t Jade (from Tampa on my net show..nobody is Jade but Jade) but Arlene, I never knew how sexy you sounded on the air....I didn’t notice it in the studio thru the cigar smoke.  She’s hot on the tape even while chewing me out...nicely.
My retort to her of course should have been  (after all these years I figured this out) 
     “why do you think I’m number one in ALL demos including teens! And whipping the all FM’s to boot.
      Sex sells. Ask Howard Stern!
 And...despite what Mad Men’s Don Draper says...."right, Peggy?"


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