Friday, January 31, 2014

my kind 'a town (take 2) kind ‘a town!

Yesterday I told you about Peter Bolger just taking over the programming at WLS chicago.
It Happens that Pete “loves” this blog so that made my day. Now Pete if you’ll only hire me...we can set the radio world ablaze since I’d be the oldest guy in talk radio history making a comback!
All this Chicago stuff reminds me of my days at Marine City on the river there in the loop.
You all know Marina city...the two towered things that are seen in ANY movie shot in the Windy City.  I lived on the 52nd floor and spent a lot of time waiting for elevators in each direction!
I had a bachelor bedroom...but my pull down sofa offered a view you can’t imagine.  
I looked east...down on the old Sun Times building (gone now)...the Wrigley and Tribune buildings and a bit of Lake Michigan and a lot of Michigan Avenue.
There was only one other drawback living there (aside from the elevators).  Whenever a cop or fire siren went thru the loop (and there were lots of ‘em) the sound was amplified off the river and turned into stereo blasts into the apartments!  Something the architects didn’t consider.
I ended up at Marina City because I used to live next to Jackie-doll out in Mt. Prospect and had to make the long...really long drive at 3AM each morning and find a parking place near there and cross the Chicago river about 3:45AM each day to sign on WJJD on Michigan Ave at 4am.
I have never felt cold like that...crossing the bridge with the arctic blast coming at me from the lake. It was the coldest I’ve ever been in my life and I’ve been around.
So Pete...button up...don’t face the wind unless you have to...and just keep humming “My Kind Of Town”...and you’ll make it!

Oh yes...a bachelor pad in Marina City.  I could write a book about gotta believe!

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