Thursday, January 2, 2014

more 30 Rock & Popeye

another snippet of life...’s more on my sister Sallee.
After graduating from Indiana University she moved to New York City taking a job at 30 Rock of all places.
     Not at NBC...but in the huge travel department for RCA executives.  She worked on higher floors in Rockefeller Center and told me in 1969 her elevator didn’t even stop at NBC’s floor.
So I got to show her and her British husband (with BOAC) Steve Friday around NBC one day before I flew to Saigon. They enjoyed the tour and saw John Chancellor typing his news (David Brinkley had returned to his D.C. base) and they met several fellows like Les Crystal, Executive Producer of the Nightly News and Ted Elbert...who I also worked with in Chicago
Ted was manning the national-internationl assignment desk...a very powerful position and he kidded with my sister about how he could dispatch crews around the world...ordering up jet planes and choppers at will to get a story covered. Now that’s a job I would have cherished.  I handled the assignment desk at NBC News Chicago one day...just filling in...and it was exciting.
My lovely sister and my beautiful daughter, Kathy, both died of cancer at too young an age.  The only sad part of this posting.
We went to Universal in Orlando for a few days...wife Laurie, her son Jeff and daughter Morgan, and our son Chris who was probably about four or five.
We took some rides, ate a bunch of food...watched live shows like Universal’s famous take off on the movie “Beetlejuice” and the “Miami Vice” boat race on the water.
But when Popeye walked up to us...Chris flaked out and started crying like mad.  Laurie picked him up and tried to calm him and Popeye stood there kind of bewildered.  Chris didn’t calm down until Popeye had disappeared completely from our view.
Funny...we took him to Disneyworld many times and he never reacted like that about any of the characters there....and they were everywhere. the only thing he didn't like at Disney was (surprisingly) the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  Even his old man who takes few rides liked that one!

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