Tuesday, January 21, 2014

why DRUDGE is so important


        Like him or hate him...read him or not (you should)
       Matt Drudge and the “cronies” who work for him are the balancing trick that the liberal media read and despise. 
Several times in the past month I’ve noticed that Drudge stuff shows up on cable news channels...after he’s posted it.  And not just on Fox news.   
Fox and Drudge are like co-joined twins at times...both spend most of their time and in Drudge’s case space trying to get rid of Obama. 
That, of course, forces folks like MSNBC and even CNN more to the left of center as they defend Obama in almost everything he does. Then there’s also the influence on the big news departments at CBS,  NBC and ABC...who end up in the middle of this tug of war and look the worse for it at times.
This whole thing would be fun and a great ongoing comedy if it wasn’t for the demise of newspapers and their abilities to investigate anything (not even the reasons for their on demise!) If you don’t believe that...where are Woodward and Bernstein when we need them? Appearing on the cable news shows which have no weight with the people.
So Drudge just keeps at it day after day...and seems to be having some results....which means influence that a dude with a keyboard should not really have.
But if you go back into the history of the print media who do you remember most...the Wood-Stein duo....and the likes of Walter Winchell...Drew Pearson...Jack Anderson and even Hedda Hopper in Hollywood had their go at Presidents and personalities almost at will and at time the results were tragic.
Those powerful people are gone...having given way to young Matt Drudge.  
Is that as scary to you as it is to me?
So those who care about this great country need to read Drudge...keep an eye on the ramifications of his disclosures (which by the way if you don’t know all started with the name Monica Lewinsky.) 
Watch and wait.  See if he accomplishes his agenda.  If he does...we are in more trouble than I imagined. 


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