Thursday, January 23, 2014

finally, something good about South Florida

Broward County librarians.  They are so great they must be from another planet!

They run against the grain...contrary to most people here in South Florida who are a bunch of creeps just looking out for themselves and could care less for anyone else existing unless they want something from them.  
These include the too-slow drivers in the left lanes and and the punks who drive too fast everywhere and badly need good mufflers on their old automobiles...and probably car insurance!
These are some of the folks who work at my favorite libraries... in particular Phillip (the cheesecake guy from an earlier post) at the Tamarac the rest of the great staff there....Charles... (I call him Charlie) at the big, really huge, North Regional Library at Broward the staffers there also...on both floors and last but certainly not least in my book are the nicest ladies you’ll ever encounter the North Lauderdale Library.  That would include Kati and my favorite...Helen (the Voice) who comes closest to my voice “goddess” from Tampa...Jade.  I called once and Helen answered the phone and I could not believe that voice...she should be on every answering machine in the country!  I’d like to be her agent!
I don’t know where they get these wonderful people.  I have a feeling most of them were from someplace other than this area originally because they have manners...are helpful to an extreme and smile while doing it.  And did I forget efficient?  They are the very best.
And let me mention some other libraries around that have equally nice folks...Northwest Regional in Coral Springs...West Regional in Plantation...Weston and of course the Main Library in downtown Ft. Lauderdale.  That place will boggle your mind and they are as helpful there as the others I mentioned.
Sometime ago (maybe it’s still running) the library system had a “who made your day” thing or something like that...meaning which librarian did something to please you.
I say...all of them...they are just a terrific bunch of people and a welcome respite of what you get once you leave their company and hit the road again.

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