Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bolger's cold & Rush is?

 some notes....

Pity poor Peter Bolger!
Pete was our Program Director in Miami for many years then he bid us farewell and went to San Antonio for the past decade or so.
Pete was just named Program Director at WLS Chicago!
Right...The windy and frozen city.
Pete...always the warm weather guy... hit town just in time to enjoy the coldest temps they’ve had there...maybe forever.
When’s the last time you saw snow Pete?
Anyway...good luck!
(Pete just told me on Facebook that he is from home!)
Let’s blame Rush?
I don’t know if we can blame Rush for this but it’s fun trying...when my live all night show was at its peak with over 100 plus stations...I played some comedy bits on the show...but only from albums I could actually buy so they seemed safe to use.  I couldn’t use comedy stuff that was sold to stations because that was exclusive.
Paul Shanklin was funny...and put out a lot of good comedy stuff about the Rush picked up it it for sure.
I had been using Paul’s stuff and called him one day to get his new album.      He said I couldn’t use it...and I said
“say what?”
He said Rush was using his stuff and “they” didn’t want it used on my show anymore. 
Now I ran into this exclusivity crap with Art Bell who wanted Jim Marrs the JFK Ass. to stay off my show.  I never found out if that was an edict by Bell...he seems to kind of creep who would do that....and I don’t know if Rush had anything to do with Paul’s refusal to send me his new album (which I could buy on Amazon.)
          So I could have ordered the album and played the stuff because there was no way to stop that...but being the good guy that I am...I didn't do that. 
         Say "thanks" Rush!
         Just thought you all should know.  If it was Rush was he really bothered by me despite his colossal success?
We’ll never know....I guess

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