Thursday, January 2, 2014

college and cheesesteaks...

some snippets of life...
        In my early high school Mom and Dad were taking my sister Sallee to see some midwest colleges that she might attend.
I tagged along to take a look too.
Indiana University was first...and seemed like a great place, we all agreed.
Then we headed north as my father was a graduate of Michigan State. We toured that campus and then off to Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan.
While circling that campus...we drove by a car parked off the road with the driver’s door open. A girl was bent over a guy doing what girls do in a position like that.
With disgust my Dad sped off and we never heard or said anything to each other about it.
In fact this is the first time I’ve spoken or written about it.
Sallee went to Indiana University in Bloomington and graduated with honors.  I liked it too and Dad and I went over for me to enroll but the Army stood in the way.  
We loved that area of Indiana because it was one of the most colorful in the fall...and for a week each fall at the time of the best foliage my Dad and Mom pulled Sal and I out of school and we spent a week in our own cabin with a wonderful fireplace and a huge lodge with great buffets.  We walked a lot of trails and rode horses...and it was a great week each year in our young lives.
Brown County, Indiana is still my favorite place for fall...and Beech Mountain, North Carolina is my favorite for snow.
  Philip at the Tamarac (FL) library is a long time friend.  
I was checking a movie out and Philip asked me, out of the blue, if I liked  Geno’s or Pat’s cheese steaks in Philly best...when I worked there.
That was over ten years ago and I ended up saying Pat’s (I think) but I always have to toss in my favorite south Philly pasta place "Ralphs" where "mama makes the sauce".  
Then I plugged a local Plantation, Fl sports bar called “Landlubbers” and told Philip the cheesesteak sandwiches there challanged anything in Philadelphia!

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