Thursday, February 27, 2014

a bum on times square

some more bits and pieces of my life...
...while still living in Philadelphia in 85...I made contact with a top local GOP official who called the Reagan White House to get me job interview.  It was polite but nothing came of it.  
Anyhow I can say I interviewed at the White House for a job!
--------------------------------- the wake of the Boston aspects of the JFK assassination...I left there and headed for New York City.
My sister, Sallee, and her husband were going to the Caribbean for a week and they ask me to “cat sit” their two kitties.
They would not be leaving for about a I stayed in a Times Square hotel until my money almost ran out and I actually did something I hadn’t done since being out in Los Angeles.
I bummed around.   
I slept in Grand Central station or at the Greyhound Bus Depot.
It was a once in a lifetime experience (thank heavens) but I got a real dose of life from it!
I wouldn’t recommend it though.

I learned one thing from one of my fellow “bums”.  
Since I was fairly decently dressed wearing a nice shirt under a sports jacket...he said when walking on the streets in NYC always keep your right hand in your jacket pocket.
The bad guys will leave you alone thinking you’ve got the protection there.
He was right...nobody bothered me.

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