Friday, February 7, 2014

the ghost of Nixon came visiting...

the ghost of Nixon visited me last night....

He had a big smile on his face.

He asked what was happening to the newspapers...and laughed.

I took it he had been informed somehow of the problems the newspapers were having because of the internet etc.  His least favorite...the Washington Post has lost it mojo. The New York Times has trouble too.

“Well Mr President” I replied “the old saying is still true...what goes around...comes around. " 
“After having the power to replace a President back in  74...the internet has taken the wind out of their sails.” I continued.
“More people now read Matt Drudge daily...and Drudge is free.  The Papers are so desperate they've taken to the very thing that is destroying them...the internet...and they are trying to charge folks to read their paper.  That’s not going well!”
“Well, well” replied the ghost of Nixon.  Papers without power!"
“Hey...that’s the slogan for my next run.”
“Thank you Mr. Major.”
“By the way that interview you did was marvelous.  I just wanted to thank you.”

       And with that...the ghost of Nixon disappeared....smiling as before at the good tidings of the downfall of the press.  Or at least one aspect of it.
And I went back to sleep...smiling too.

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