Thursday, February 13, 2014

red camaros & because of winn-dixie

more bits and pieces....

Saw a new red Chevy Camaro today.  I think it’s the best looking car Obama Motors has made.

Also saw the nice looking tan Hyundai Sonata.....great color desert fantastic tan.  
I’d like to see the tan on a new Elantra.
They do offer it and it looks good on their website.  
The silver blue pearl on the Sonata is terrific too.

The Optima(KIA) GDI in a dark cherry is really  one heck of a car...nearly passing my white pearl Ford Fusion for looks (but not quite). I wanted to show you a pic of it but KIA has the worst website going!


Because of Winn-Dixie...I’m going to Publix!

I hadn’t been to my favorite Winn-Dixie supermarket for a few weeks and browsing it today I was shocked (moderately) that the cost of a lot of things had increased.  
I just bought my package of Richwood smokes...price jumped from $1.26 to $1.40.  I spotted the manager who is a nice lady I’ve conversed with over the years and ask her what was going on. “Oh “she said, “everyone’s prices have gone up”. 
I challenged that saying Walmart hasn’t increased across the board like you have...and Publix is putting up long lists showing they even beat Walmart in a bunch of items!
She acted surprised at that and then just shrugged.  She doesn't set all other employees they just do what they are told.
I had bought some wine there the past few years but about six months ago there were no great deals so I went elsewhere...  and they haven’t had a real deal on any wine since that time.
There is an Aldi (cheapo) across the street now for about a year with a bunch more cars in their parking lot. But bring your own plastic bag! 

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