Sunday, February 2, 2014

the super-duper SLEEPY bowl

the sleepy bowl...& screwed up ads

I’m not gonna write about the game...just that it’s too bad the real Broncos didn’t show up!  Anyway Seattle was great and deserved it.  Someone responsible picked the wrong guy for MVP.  It should have been Percy Harvin!           That’s sucks.  Enough said.
Now let me attack Ford and it’s stupid agency. 
Why the black Fusion?  You are not selling that car because it competes with some overpriced fancy cars.  If I have money...I will buy the fancy black sedan from the high price spread and that’s NOT Ford.  Maybe Lincoln... but a Ford is a Ford is a Ford. And it always will be.
The WHITE PEARL Ford Fusion is the most beautiful car on the road today(see my earlier post about it beating out the bronze KIA Optima.)
So you are NOT selling black fancy high priced’re selling Fords and you’ve got one that is so great looking your ad agency should be forced to use that vehicle in all your Fusion ads....not just a white Fusion...THE White Pearl Fusion is it!
Now KIA made the mistake of featuring a white Optima which did not look classy.  The Bronze Optima is a knock out. So their agency should switch with Ford’s agency and they both might get it right!
Just my opinion.
Oh...some good commercials and some really bad ones.  This guy at the urinal appeared just as I was snacking and that got a turn off to some other channel.  That company shouldn’t be allowed to buy ads anywhere  again.  It was an insult.  
       A few others tired to be smart...always trying to do something that will be talked about tomorrow morning over coffee.  I’m not sure they didn’t just come off as crap.
My best?
The Ford or Chevy truck ad with the wagon pulling the bull and dropping him off in a field heavy with possible mates.
Most people would not get that but I did cause I just read where there is a real shortage of beef.  Wonder if they did that on purpose.
Anyway that bull gets my grand price grand prize!

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