Friday, February 14, 2014

the VOICE,Meg the Cop,Hoffa's grave(s)

the “voice” talks back....                                        US Mag

The nice librarian that I call “the voice” over at North Lauderdale library here said I spelled her name wrong on the earlier post about the library system’s nice people.
So it isn’t “Helen”...I guess it’s either “Heleen” or “Hellene” or something else...but my sentiments were good and correct about her and her co-workers...the nicest folks down here in south against many others not so nice. 
The “voice”  surprised me yesterday...I saw her out, away from the checkout counter in full view...not bad.  A form to match the sumptuous “voice”?
Meg Ryan the cop?
In another burb here...Margate,  there was (or still is) a cute blond cop...and she could pass as Meg Ryan’s twin.
I saw her in a nice blue dress in a supermarket parking lot...putting groceries in the trunk of her squad car and I couldn’t help but joke about the outfit!  She got a bit flustered and mumbled something I didn’t catch...but would you like to be stopped by a Meg Ryan look alike!  
That was a couple of years ago and I take a close look at each Margate squad car I see but no “Meg”.  I even asked a couple of male cops about the “Meg Ryan”  look alike officer but they just shook their heads like I don’t know what I’m talking about.  
Oh well.
Hoffa’s grave(s)

Rumor has it...Jimmy Hoffa’s body was placed in one or two locations in south Florida:

1.  the foundation of a new bowling alley in Ft. Lauderdale


2. the foundation of a new house being built on the Jacaranda Golf course in Plantation.

all the FBI has to do is check both locations and see if the foundation laying date fits his death.  
You think they can handle that?

then...go dig him out.

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