Wednesday, February 26, 2014

the blond julia...

Julia Roberts is in the news not for the Oscars...but for tragic family events and for going blond. (ugh)

Julia’s half- sister leaves a long suicide note apparently laying a great deal of the blame on Julia...saying the actress abandoned her in time of need.

Add to that the fact that Julia’s mother is reportedly suffering a serious illness and things are not adding up well for the superstar going into Oscar week.

So..part of the answer, I guess, is to change your hair color when things don’t go well.   We’ll see if her luck changes at the Oscars...but don’t hold your breath.

Aside from accidentally seeing her a couple of times...on the street near that Diamonds Bakery in Hollywood and then clandestinely at the Dolphin Hotel at Disneyworld right after her marriage to Dan Moder...and possibly receiving an nice IM from her when I posted my reviews of “American Sweethearts” on my old webpage...I really had a crush on her.  Although I pissed her off by not saying her best role was Erin B.!  Oh well...I ain't perfect and who would have guessed she’d be searching the net for any reviews of her new flick?

I still say that is a lack of Julia Roberts look alikes to chase after...and I’m proof of it.  I’ve been looking for a JR replacement for the better part of 20 years.  I’ve basically given up.

Julia...redhead or are still one of a kind!

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