Friday, February 28, 2014

The Oscars and Burt....

It’s OSCAR weekend so let’s talk movies.

Let’s talk Burt Lancaster movies....which could take all day and night.
I watched “The Train” last night...the John Frankenhemer directed flick from 1964...about the French resistors saving the nation’s art from going to Germany.
Burt was in rare form...initially disregarding the important of saving the paintings and then because of his attitude forced into the foray by a pig headed Nazi colonel played so well by Paul Scofield.
I have two other Lancaster films that may not be on your list of his favorites.
Yes...I did check his list and it is perhaps the most prolific list of “A” movies of any male star anytime....and consists of an Oscar for “Elmer Gantry” and awards for the likes of “Atlantic City” ,“ From Here To Eternity”and everything from “Judgement At Nuremberg” to “Airport.”
But here are two lesser know films with Burt well in control.
“Trapeze” from 1956 with Tony Curtis and Gina Lollobridgida...with Burt the “catcher” high on the wires for Curtis’s attempts at the impossible” triple” on the Trapeze.  Very colorful and exciting high wire stuff.
...and...last but certainly not least
Burt’s 1957 portrayal of the infamous J.J. Hunsecker...the brutal New York City newspaper columnist in “Sweet Smell Of Success.”
You can’t go wrong watching any or all...of these three fine films on this Oscar weekend!

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