Saturday, March 1, 2014

christie...mysterious & pretty

christie......mysterious christie

No cell phone....yet she functions as well (maybe better) than others her age. 
What’s her age?  
Don’t know...never asked.  She can probably order a beer but I doubt that she would...she’s not the type. 
She works at a store I frequent and is friendly and efficient at what she does.
And she does read my blog on occasion but has never commented on me anyway.  So she does know about the internet. 
And, of course to garner my attention...she’s attractive.  The required brown hair and eyes(I think) which is my requirement for anyone attracting me.
But relax...I’m old enough to be her grandfather.

Speaking of grandfathers...and maybe this the answer to not having things other girls find as a necessity in this day and age.
Every time I see her I have a feeling I’m back in the 60’s...and everything reverts back to black and white like the movie Pleasantville in reverse!
Christie isn’t her real name as you would guess.
I told her I wanted to write about her because she is unusual....but not weird...and to set her mind at ease I said I’d use another name.
Other than no email or possibly no cell phone she is as normal as anyone else.
So is this a parental thing....a religious thing...or what.
Or is Christie just doing this because she likes to be different? far as I’m concerned she can keep on keeping on.....she’s just fine!

Ha!’s my email if you every change...
but I’d be really surprised if you used it!

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