Tuesday, March 25, 2014

sarah vs hilly...cat fight!

some bits and pieces......

Sarah tells Hillary to go for it.
Now if we could just get Palin to run... what a cat fight, huh!  
To get enough of the Obama blacks to get elected...Palin would have to find a moderate black MALE to run with her.  Also...he’d have to be a lot smarter politically than Obama...who isn’t.  And he should be real good looking so the liberal media could start rumors about them! Votes for sure then.
Make notes Sarah.

Pity poor McDonalds...the profits are down.  I noticed the past few weeks since that news broke I’ve been getting triple pickles on my burgers.  I guess that’s how they plan to get the profits up?  How about more meat instead?  But the price of beef is up...so the dollar for two deals on Sundays and Wednesdays may go by the wayside.


Those idiots that sit at the MLB desk pontificating how bad the Miami Marlins are going to be again might want to keep bad mouthing them.  The more they do that...the more games the Marlins win.  While the so called “experts” keep plugging the usual teams as “winners” the real facts are simple:
Phils:    8-15
MIAMI MARLINS: 16-10...leading the National League! Opps...make it 17-10!!!
Stanton 5 homers...none of them cheap.
.....but it’s only spring training...right! 


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