Wednesday, March 12, 2014

drudge vs hilly round 2

FLASH:    Neither Drudge nor Fox news has been able to confirm that Obama caused the disappearance of the mystery Malaysian airliner.  If they nail him for it...I’ll let you know. (Actually it wouldn’t be too far fetched to blame the NSA...but they’d just lie about it.)

I saw my first “Hillary for President” bumper sticker today...and it wasn’t from 10 years was brand new.
Oh god.  
Fox and Drudge really have this to look forward to.
Trying to get rid of Obama for the past six years or so...and now...gearing up to do the same for Hilly.
See what they don’t realize’s only Republicans you can get rid of.  Nixon left...Monica did Bill Clinton...but he didn’t leave...cause he’s a Democrat. And from reports he kept on keeping on with the skirts like Hugh’s former...Liz Hurley....right in the White House. 
The only thing Obama has been guilty of is being a lousy President...which SHOULD teach us all something...but probably won’t.  Don’t elect a person will extensive educational credits.  Too many smarts does not a good leader make. JFK is a good example of that.  Nice guy...speaks well...but gets nothing done.  On the other hand...Ike, Ron and Lyndon...not the smartest dudes in history got a lot go figure.
So get ready for the big campaign. The only way the GOP could beat Hillary is with a dynamite black female candidate and their ain’t one.


TWO!!! Russian viewers to this blog today.  That’s the first in over a month.
...............IS PUTIN'S NEW COLD WAR OVER???

Nothing from the  mysterious “Christie”...the young lady with no email and probably no cell phone.  And I’d guess that’s the reason I hear nothing.  She wasn’t working today when I visited her I couldn’t inquire.

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