Friday, March 7, 2014

Neil reunion, and Russia needs Boris!

stan & soon to be bride laurie

Neil Rogers birthday bash.....

Feb 1988....lots of folks all ages showed up at a small shopping mall on Pine Island Road Sunrise, Florida. This was near the famous ice cream place...Emack & Bolios where Neil and I were joined by a couple of thousand fans a few months earlier.

By now... Neil had migrated to very early morning drive on Zeta leaving me to stew in my own juices over on the AM...WINZ in afternoon drive.
Turns out neither one of us would be working at those stations in the near future.

Good turnout and lot’s of girls trying desperately to look like their heroine of the day...Princess Diana. But a good time was had by all including my very soon bride to be, Laurie, son Jeff about 10...and cutie-pie little daughter Morgan, five years old.


And despite the fact they apparently did not win any medals in Sochi...the team members from Hungary still get my nod as the best looking players there!      Even the guys were handsome but the girls...were hot!

Putin must have taken back that one view from Russia to my’s gone missing and again...the new cold war continues with no Russian views and only a few(very view) from the Ukraine.
Where is Boris (and that tank) when they need him, huh!

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