Sunday, March 2, 2014

MLB pot luck!

the MLB sucks!

It’s great to have major league baseball back...even spring training stuff is a fan’s delight.

However...all MLB does is screw up the listings.  I have no idea when the Marlins are on the MLB channel and as of today they haven’t been allowed to be on the local Fox channel where they will be regularly carried.

So...what’s a guy to do?

Tape(DVR) all the games...even the boring ones just in case the Marlins show up!

And I keep seeing the MLB promos about how great the MLB is by running a million (that's an exaggeration, of course) spring training games for us fans.....but as far as ATT coverage it’s pretty much guesswork...don’t know about Comcast.

I have the Marlins official page bookmarked and tried checking their schedules and that’s a bad as the MLB’s pot luck guessing.

Somebody needs to get their act together in Major League Baseball....or at ATT!

The scheduling is real MINOR LEAGUE!

Go Miami Marlins!

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