Saturday, March 29, 2014

KATE is the most beautiful woman in the world!

Kate and a couple of guys

ok...I’m proclaiming it here tonight:

KATE MIDDLETON (DUCHESS OF WHATEVER)is the most beautiful woman in the world!
Kate and Wills...I went to my library today to get the dvd of their wedding.  
For some reason I didn’t watch it...or much of it.  That’s strange for me cause as a boy I listened to Liz becoming Queen on the radio and followed that by buying a copy of the recorded ceremony on 78 rpm records no less.  Remember those hard things that always busted especially in the hands a a kid? 
Then I almost ran into that “man who left the throne” the Duke of Windsor at the Kentucky Derby!  Seeing him so close ( I nearly bumped into him) after all the pics and film was some thrill.  And I knew who it was instantly!  This was before tv too.
Only the British can do this ceremonial stuff...and only the BBC can do the coverage so well.  No place else in the world can anyone do it up like this...for ceremonies...England is it!  It’s enough to want them to keep the damn old fashioned Monarchy just for times like these.

I have also been watching the only movie available about William and Kate (or is it Cate?)  So yes...I’m getting a bit obsessed about her ( yes I know you’ve read about my encounter with her twin in my supermarket parking lot?) but it will pass.  I’ll be back to Jordana soon!
The girl playing Kate in the flick (Camilla Luddington) was good but not as close in looks as one would like.  
The fact that it was a Lifetime Movie which meant available on tv for the kiddies and had them doing a lot of “hanky panky” when they were college was a surprise.  I assume the film company didn’t get cooperation from the Palace.   That part rather shocked me...if you can believe.  I guess that’s because I’m in this stupid crush thing about Middleton and like I say...I’ll get over it.
Anyway...take a gander at her pic taken very recently and available right now from the ‘Daily Mail” in England and tell me she isn’t THE most beautiful woman in the world.  She makes Will’s mom (Princess Diana) look like a guy! 
But forgive me...I was never a big Diana fan.  Besides...she was a blond.  I’ll take brunettes anytime!

Here's the link to see that pic of Kate and guys which is really big! When you get on the Daily Mail page....Just keep going down you'll find it.

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