Sunday, March 23, 2014

killing Jean Seberg...

How our Federal government killed actress Jean Seberg!

This NSA spy crap is not the first time your government spied on it’s citizens.
J. Edgar Hoover made a profession out of it.  It was called Controlpol and the FBI’s most famous victim was cute little actress Jean Seberg who had been  stalked and silenced by the feds...with what has been called a questionable “suicide” on the streets of Paris, France.
And just like far as I can ascertain...nobody went to jail for that.  And I AM still waiting for somebody or many somebodies to get the slammer for spying on me and you and everybody else on this so called freedom loving democracy!
Dont didn’t happen back in Jean Seberg’s case and won’t happen here now.
I’m beginning to wonder how the Nixon guys got tried and convicted and sent to jail  Compared to Hoover and today’s NSA that stuff was small potatoes...a bit like Clinton getting head from Monica in the Oval Office.
I mean killing Seberg was a serious crime and the NSA spying is an unbelieveable series of serious crimes (along with the IRS crap too...can’t forget that!)
Oh’s a great country right?

Here's more on Jean Seberg:

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