Wednesday, March 5, 2014


more bits and pieces...and Putin!

My Target store has the huge family size box of HONEYCOMB cereal priced at $2.49 which is only about 17 cents higher than  the next smaller size that Walmart is selling for $2.32.  Go check if your Target has that price and grab a couple of boxes.  

     MY neighborhood Walmart is featuring a really good pasta sauce line called “FRANCESCO RINALDI” with my favorite being the THREE CHEESE sauce.  Goes for $1.38 and is worth twice as much in taste!

     Now Hillary has reportedly jumped on the “Putin is acting like Hitler” bandwagon. Maybe she’s reading this blog.
Anyway there have been just a couple of views from the Ukraine but still only ONE from Russia since he pulled the plug on the “Oscars” feed and,(I guess) the internet.
     Perhaps he read my bit about Abe Lincoln and the war with the South.  Who knows.
Peace and justice for all, I say.
and give me my internet viewers.
My Father fought in WW2 to help save you Russkies!

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