Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kate here???

the real kate
Ha...not one view in 24 hours from England!  I'm gonna leave this post up until I get one...even  from Scotland, Ireland or King Ralph!

Breaking news...

     I just spotted Kate Middleton’s identical twin sister (if she ever had one) at my supermarket parking lot!  I observed her with her Mom (I guess) loading the groceries into the car.  Even her movements were “Kate like”.
I managed to pass near the driver’s window as she was getting ready to back out and I motioned for her to put the window down (you never know about doing this) and I laughed and said “are you Kate Middleton?  She was a bit shocked...
“Has anyone ever said you look like her”  
“No” was the answer...
“Well... you could be her twin sister!”
Then I walked on and she backed out and made a turn and as she went by she smiled and waved (beaming & radiant) and she could have been the Royal herself...the personality to go with the looks!
I  kid you not!
 Wow. right in my Publix parking lot!

meanwhile...Boo to the Queen!

      Thumbs down on her reported edict to Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) to lengthen her skirts!
      Kate is just my type...brown hair...brown eyes (I think) and kinda leggy so Liz...back off..let her wear what she looks good in.
      You don’t have to look, Liz. 
      But don’t take that away from us!

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