Friday, March 7, 2014

stores closing/jobs lost

some the worm turns!

Online shopping continues and will continue to force companies to shutter their doors or flee the malls.
Staples is the latest...closing 225 stores...and they follow Radio Shack’s announced 1,100 store closings. Costco is also being watched...and is JC Penny and Sears primarily major mall retailers in trouble.
While this is going on Walmart has just paid to demolish an unused “Baby Love” building a few blocks from me to replace it with a brand new neighborhood Walmart...just about a half mile from two other Walmarts (one north the other south)...that have been very successful the past few years!
It isn’t just in retailing where things are changing Pandora...the relative new music listening outfit, at one time a few years ago, proclaimed by some as a “replacement” for am-fm radio is suffering stock pains.  
They came on board a few years after we were told Howard Stern’s move off radio to satellite would eventually do the same...kill the radio dj. That, of course, hasn’t happened...and won’t!
AM-FM radio continues to prevail and will so even with tempting things like commercial free music etc. on phones, the internet or whatever.  
Further proof of that is Rush Limbaugh who has been successfully going through a huge stations switch across the country and a big battle on the attempt to kill his show with advertising boycotts. Neither of these seem to have effected Rush one bit.  
Power to the listeners!
So my fellow Americans...things they are ‘a changing...but not everything.

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