Thursday, March 13, 2014

are you hungry???’s time again boys and girls for Uncle Stanley to tempt you with good eats!

This’s a huge amish smorgasbord in lovely Lancaster, Pa.

Thanks to an old WWDB Philly listener, Ken Cutler, who actually resides in Lancaster I was able to zero in on MILLERS...on the east side...where I took my family to eat while we were vacationing up north....searching for snow.
Oh the mashed potatoes!  Out of this world...along with the desserts, of course.
My wife, Laurie ate buckets of son Chris and I devoured the potatoes and waited for another batch to come out from the kitchen.  I probably had meatloaf...that’s my usual thing in places like that.  Laurie’s daughter, Morgan and son Jeff also enjoyed Millers to the hilt.  In fact Jeff just emailed me that when he was in that area a few years back he took his two best friends to Millers!
My son Chris was just a little tyke and didn’t remember until I told him after we ate... we went outside with the snow on the grass and watched an Amish farmer with his horse drawn wooden plow dig up the dirt in his field not far away...then he remembered!  I’m glad I  did.
Ken Cutler says Millers has always been great but there is now another much larger restaurant called “Shady Maple” that brags it seats 1,000!  That alot of mashed potatoes and apple pie!
There’s a huge outlet mall south of Millers (those things are common up north and it’s not like the so called “outlet”malls down here in Florida.  Up there the Mikasa is for sale at a real reduced price...along with all those famous sneakers.  You CAN go broke at Rockvale outlet mall saving money!
Oh, you can also visit some of the classic “named” towns around there:  INTERCOURSE...CLIMAX...AND  my favorite...BIRD-in-HAND!

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