Sunday, March 16, 2014

favorites missing

an angry guy here!

things you really like...disappearing from store shelves.

there are a couple of goodies that have gone bye bye from two of my favorite stores.

then a couple more that my kitty loves are going away too.

I hate that!
I especially hate it when you email the store or the manufacture and they don’t even respond.  That really pisses me off!

Example: Lander fresh mint white mouthwash.  Featured at Dollar Tree where I spend a bunch of dollars every month. Best mouthwash in years...but gone now.  I was kidding the manager of my local store that it will probably show up at Walmart for three bucks!  Lander has all kinds of blue and green mouthwash which can’t compare with the white. So, of course, logic dictate’s that they should stop making it!  They didn’t respond to my inquiry.


Millstream tomato soup with pasta at Big Lots.  Not only is the Millstream soup line can’t even find the company to ask about it.

Then a couple of things my kitty loves.

Beech Nut Chicken & Rice (baby food).  I think the company was sold and now that line is fast going from chicken to fruit!  Any kind of fruit available but my kitty wants chicken not fruit.
Friskies cans..”Classic Pate Homestyle Casserole Dinner”(Plus)
Not at the two major pet food stores...nor at Walmart(generally)  I found one super Walmart but had to check three other WM’s before I found it.  Weird.  It’s the same WM where they still have BeechNut chicken & rice so I told the manager there, who I was complimenting for having the two goodies...that his stock is like in a time warp! (see the companies response below)
The manager...seemed a carbon copy of my favorite Walmart manager, Neil at Heron Bay super dooper Walmart. His name is Phillip and it’s in Margate, Fla...a five mile drive for my kitty food. He runs a good super store a less than classy neighborhood.

PS  I almost forgot the Tastykake coffee cake Juniors...(see pic) which they said they would check into for me.  Nothing!
You can get em in Philly (home of Tastykake) but not in Miami-Ft.Lauderdale.

But don’t you hate when something as simple as a great mouthwash disappears from store shelves!
I haven’t checked thoroughly but with all kinds of folks setting up businesses on the internet there should be a central outfit where a guy like me could file a complaint and get a response....and find out the why and where on these items.

"Thank you for contacting the Nestlé Purina PetCare Company. We always welcome questions and comments from our consumers.

We regret to inform you that this product has been discontinued. Please know this was a very difficult, yet, necessary decision, based on extremely low sales due to a decline in consumer demand, even in areas where the product was readily available.

Again, thank you for contacting Nestlé Purina PetCare Company"

at least they let me know.  now I've got to rush back to that Walmart and buy a bunch!

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