Monday, March 24, 2014

Tribute:Richard Hayes/WWDB(FM) Philly

Richard Hayes......84......gone

I’ve never worked with a nicer guy.  His kind are hard to find the in broadcasting business.
I was Operations Manager at WWDB(FM) Philadelphia in the early 80’s and Richard was hired to do our all night talk-a-thon five nights each week...and he was perfect.  No this-vs-that crap...just nice pleasant conversation thru the wee hours.
Richard commuted from Long Island each evening...and then back to NYC hitting am drive at 6AM (ugh!)....and on the Long Island.
Despite this horrible commute he never faltered and made it in for his shift several times when Philly weather was not it’s best!
He was smooth...congenial....and easy to work with which is saying alot in the radio business.
Please note that in this blog I had selected him as one of the top personalities in radio...and he deserved it!

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