Friday, March 28, 2014

"Elvis has left the bedroom!"

the ghost of Richard Nixon came again.

and as last time (with JFK and a warning to Hilly)...he wasn’t alone.

"Mr. Elvis!" WAS “E” right in my bedroom.

“ah...I wanted  to thank you for the fine job of reporting the facts from the Vietnam war” he said. “ and it was a pleasure to have you as our guest at the Hilton in Las Vegas in 1970.”.

 “It was a thrilling show, Elvis.  My favorite was that long version of “Suspicious Minds”!  That couldn’t be topped!”

 “Thank ya sir...thank you very much.”

“and you tell everyone..I’m ok...ahh..I’m doing just fine.”

 and with in the past...he slipped away. Elvis fans...rejoice.  The King is fine!

Then the President intoned:  "ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BEDROOM!"

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