Tuesday, March 18, 2014

the Marlins?????


     Not that it means anything cause it’s still Spring Training...but...the MIAMI MARLINS...worst in the MLB last year...are BEST in the National League now with a record of 13 wins and 7 losses! 
G. Stanton has 4 home runs!

We’ll see!

Watch out!

Several times I’ve added gas to my car and it’s has started run rough.

I’ve been paying attention lately...and with the help of the internet (good ole Google) I’ve become informed that gas stations run low on fuel...sometime having to close down specific pumps.
Don’t get your gas there.  Water accumulates in the bottom of the gas station’s underground fuel tank and makes its way into your car’s system.
It’s happened to me two or three times recently so I did my research and now I know and so do you.
By the way...if you do make the mistake and your car is running unusually rough...you can do one or two things.  
Go to another gas station and put in a few bucks worth of higher octane.
Also...you can add some isopropyl alcohol to the gas tank.  That stuff, the internet smart guys say, absorbs water. That’s the small plastic bottle for sale everywhere for a buck.


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