Friday, March 21, 2014

who's the Notting Hill mystery girl

Kat Dennings

Liz Hurley

I’ve asked this question on the IMDB message board for the flick “Notting Hill” at least twice...over a period of about five years or so.  NO FIRM ANSWER...just one guess. we go:

At the press conference near the end of “Notting Hill” all ends up happy...everyone kissing their partners.  
Hugh Bonneville (not having a girlfriend) grabbed this strikingly BEAUTIFUL brunet on his left and smooches her!  That’s who we’re talking about...can’t find one will tell.

I just posted it again yesterday...and one person replied thinking it might be Kat Dennings (whom I’ve never heard of...but I’m old)

My first thought was Hugh Grant’s ex Liz Hurley. it’s your turn out there around the world.  somebody must know!
if you can answer or want to make a guess.

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                        -------------------------------- the way...the Miami Marlins (worst in everything last year) are still leading the MLB National League...14-7
.....but of coiurse if you’re a Braves...Phillies, Mets or Cardinals fan “it’s only spring training”.  right!