Monday, March 31, 2014

Ed Newman, George Esper AP & Kate again!

some things one doesn’t forget......

...sitting in that ground level coffee shop for 30 Rock (NYC)...chatting with THE Edwin Newman of NBC NEWS.  Ed, the only news guy to ever host Saturday Night Live (twice!). Watching the Saturday Night Live cast members and staffers running in and out with their burgers and such with the teen girls chasing after them.  
Had that informal lunch a couple of times in the week I was at NBC News New York before flying off to the war in Vietnam.  I still get chills thinking about that atmosphere today.  Ed was such a nice fellow. Spoke pretty good English too!  Strictly speaking.
The old correspondents are fading away.  George Esper of AP for a long, long time...died at 79 last year. He stayed in Saigon...when everyone else fled.  He interviewed the two Viet Cong solders who entered the AP office to take over! Some great things were written about him by his cohorts and he deserved them all.  George married a gorgeous Saigon girl...a real beauty....I was jealous.      Makes me wonder again about the goddess in Phnom Penh, Cambodia I left behind.  Damn Lon Nol and God Damn the Khmer Rouge!  I hope and pray she got away. (see earlier post: “the girl or the coup”...most read of the 300 I’ve posted)
I’ve sent a copy of my last post on Kate Middleton to the Daily Mail newspaper in London.  It would be fun if they printed it or at least quoted from it.  We’ll see.  It would be even more of a gas if Kate could read it!
Spring training wrapup (boast)
The “lowly” Miami Marlins WON the National League honors for spring training...but you probably won't hear those idiots at MLB mention it!
 Final tally: 
  Marlins 18 wins 12 lost
Phils won just 9 ...Braves won 12
Now we’ll see!  It starts for real today...finally.

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