Wednesday, March 26, 2014

famke & demi


If you haven’t seen the flick “City Of Industry” should.  buy it...borrow it or steal it and see Harvey Keitel, Tim Hutton, Stephen Dorff and the absolutely fabulously hot Famke Janssen at their peak!  Famke is the only actress, I think, who can out do Julia Roberts....not only in performance but also looks.  This is her best part ever. You just want to grab this bird and take her home forever...immediatly!
I don’t like violent flicks...but I enjoy the stuff here because it isn’t just car crashes and gunshots to build sales...each piece of violence by director John Irvin is incorporated to further the excitement of the plot and it all comes together at the end in a rather unusual way even for  Hollywood.
Harvey wins...Famke really wins...and we all win watching this one.


Changing the pace....another flick I really get a kick out of about once a year is “Blame It On Rio”.  I bring this up since we are now getting multiple views from Brazil. 
Michael Caine looked like he enjoyed making this one and why not.  The scenes on the beach are some of the best you’ll ever see if you are a “bird” watcher like me.  
It’s fun to see Demi a bit embarrassed by her costar Michelle Johnson when they both had to go topless...and one wonders now seeing her topless in the past few years in “Striptease” just how the “boost” came about.  
Oh well...don’t worry about it...just enjoy it.  Right Demi?  She is something else. 
The whole flick is a gas! Everyone is great!

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