Monday, February 10, 2014

Hungary faces,0-dark-30 & dead malls

bits & pieces....
The Olympic athletes from Hungary get my award as the best looking of the lot.  Especially the girls! 
I must go to Budapest sometime
The Sochi opening ceremonies were impressive...colors were breathtaking.  Congrats to the Russkies.
Been watching the movie Zero Dark Thirty several it...well done.  Too bad we don’t know who the  “Maya” at the CIA really was (or is).      
       Rumor has it she’s a composite of several people but then another rumor is that the real Maya and few others got a special award and she sent the rest of them a snippy email saying THEY didn’t deserve it!  Wow.  
That intrigue is almost as good as the flick.  Guess it will all come out always does.


Say it isn’t so!  

The doom and gloomers in retail tell us it’s the end of the shopping malls.  JC Penny and Sears led the downfall...too many folks buying stuff on the internet for them.  
Can suburban Chicagoans live without “Woodfield”...or how about “Dadeland” in south Miami where Neil Rogers and I used to hang and watch the girls and boys?
We’ve had a big beautiful mall “Fashion Mall” in Plantation shuttered for years..after Macy’s fled it..perhaps an early sign of trouble?

Personal note...
I still think the Chrysler Pacifica is the sharpest suv ever!
Shame on Chrysler for dropping it.

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