Tuesday, February 4, 2014

the best big Walmart,waffle nips & Kate's legs!

about walmart....here’s the very best!

In my opinion...the finest run Super Walmart is in Heron Bay...a rich burb of Coral Springs, Fl.
The guy who makes it the finest is the manager, Neil Manausa, and his store should be the benchmark for all Walmart stores we shop at across the whole country.
Neil can be seen in his tan Florida suit sorting thru dated stuff in the dairy or other areas of his market section...or he can be found chatting with staff or speaking amiably with customers.
I cornered him the first time to  ask that he be sure to keep my favorite juice, Tampico/Island Punch(light blue top) on the shelves and he has.  It’s been over a year now and that’s the only Walmart I know that features Tampico Island Punch all the time.  You can find it elsewhere but the prices are ridiculous.  Neil’s been selling it for about $1.50 a pop forever.
I’ve seen him once or twice and thanked him for that.
But it isn’t just the juice...it’s everything in that huge store.
His super-duper Walmart is in a snobbish suburb north of beautiful Coral Springs...called Heron Bay, a neighborhood where I can’t even think of renting much less buying.
So if you want to make the trip do so... and take your time in the store.It’s great!  And if you should see Neil...tell him the crazy Tampico blue top guy told you to come!
Ok...let’s get rich!  
I’m going to reveal something that you can’t buy...can’t even find because it’s usually throwaway stuff into the disposal. But this is so tasty....everyone would want it.
      So if you are inventive and can manage to make this delightful tidbit I’m about to reveal...I want 10% of the profits!
If you have a waffle maker...and you put just a bit too much mix in it...after you take your waffle out and enjoy it...you will find crispy little pieces of left over waffle that you will want to clean off the maker.
Don’t toss these...because they are absolutely the most tasty things you’ve ever had.  They will be small but delicious so the challenge here is to invent a way to make these things into a bite size...on a large scale...and get them packaged for resale.  
Sell em to the Dollar stores! 

Boo to the Queen!

Thumbs down on her reported edict to Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) to lengthen her skirts!
Kate is just my type...brown hair...brown eyes (I think) and kinda leggy so Liz...back off..let her wear what she looks good in.
You don’t have to look, Liz. 
But don’t take that away from us!


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