Wednesday, February 5, 2014

in dreams.....

        Radio guys have a lot of dreams about records and stuff that goes on in the control room when you’re on the air. It would be easy to write a huge book with nothing but dreams from former disc jockeys or news guys... even listeners.
These are the reoccurring dreams I get a lot:
I’m a dj and ready to go on the air...but I have no records. I search but there are no records anywhere. Very frustrating.
My record is ending and don’t have another one to play.  Kind of the same thing.
This has nothing to do with radio but it’s interesting.
Did you ever dream something...then it comes true?

Years ago I had a very vivid dream....about being in a building and asking someone where I could get something to eat.  I was told I had to exit the rear of the building...walk around to the front which was on a higher level and come back in that way to the restaurant.  There was a girl walking with me..on my right...I didn’t know who she was.  Nothing exciting about this dream until it came true.
I had taken a flight to someplace...I think it was an airport in Switzerland.  I disembarked and got my suitcase and chatted with a woman from the plane and ask her if she’d like to join me for dinner.  She said yes...she had a long layover.  As she put her suitcase in a locker and I ask the baggage guy where I could get a bite to eat. guessed it.  
We had to exit the rear of the terminal...walk around to my right and up a slope to the higher floor and enter the front.   
It was the dream.  The girl was on my right...basically I didn’t know her...just like my vivid dream, the building was on my right and I did just what the dream had pictured.  
I got about halfway there and realized this was the dream and that kind of thing shakes you up some. 

Has this kind of thing ever happened to you?

You can e-mail me your dream(no names used)

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