Monday, February 17, 2014

I hate this time of year!

The Queen
First Lady (again?)

I hate this time of year....

Football’s over (with the super duper Denver thud)...
...and baseball is dragging it’s heels until the Olympics (boring) are done.
I don’t like basketball so what’s a guy gonna do?

Stare at pics of Bruni and Queen Rania I guess.
Watch Mad Men for the tenth time...or old but good movies.  Watched Monte Carlo last night..cute the Rivera!
I’ve watched Zero Dark Thirty three or four times...about to do it again.

.....some other things that bug me...

Denoting movie actors and the like who have been “knighted” as “Sir” in lineups on my tv.  ATT denotes Roger Moore as “Sir Roger Moore” and I think that’s stupid.  I don’t think they do it with Sean Connery who was knighted also.  It smells fishy...I think Moore is behind it...he looks like the type who would insist on it.
I made the mistake while interviewing Averell Harriman, former Governor of New York and important Ambassador to Russia in WW2  of addressing him as “Ambassador” and he corrected me insisting that he be called Governor.  Such arrogant crap.  
       However, his wife Pamela ...the party girl of the D.C. mob came on to me pretty strong on the phone one time.  But she was no Paula Prentiss so I declined the interest.

Finally...a trip back to Kohls at the local mall regarding  my new coffeepot.  Seems the burner is so hot I fear it will burn this place up so I made the trek to talk to customer relations about returning it.
While I was there  I decided to tour the mall and report on it’s viability in case Sears or JC Penny folded.
Not bad....only a few empty shops all off to the side and not on the main drag.  Also a fairly interesting new fast food sit down place called “Shrimp” something, serving mainly (you guessed it)shrimp.  
I think the three malls I visit somewhat regularly...the Coral Square Mall in Coral Springs, Fl...the Westview (formerly Broward) Mall in Plantation and Sawgrass Mills...(big with the tourists from the Americas) will make it.  I hope so.  I enjoy them.

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