Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's how they walk,prohibition & car connect

Queen Rania of Jordan
my taste in women.....

It’s easy...brown hair.. and eyes...pointed head....leggie....
I’m a leg man from way back.  
I admired the beauty of Jackie-O and the People’s Princess, Diana...and some others I could name...but they didn’t excite me as much as let’s say...Cindy Crawford...Julia Roberts,  Sandra Bullock...even Kate Middleton or The Queen of Jordan.  Boy is she hot!  see link below!  
     Her Twitter bio reads, "A mum and a wife with a really cool day job." 
     click on blue link below for more including vido of this beauty!

Also...they have to have THE walk.  Over the years I’ve observed the finest of the species who move well...and I can usually tell from the walk if they would be good in bed.  That may sound nutty but if they can really move (not exaggerated like Joan in Mad Men) I’m hooked.  
I should be a consultant on paid big bucks to use this fantastic knowledge.  I just don’t know how to package it!
Oh well.  I’ll keep watching anyway.  It’s fun.
here comes tobacco ready?
So the big (not really) CVS drugstore chain is  ushering us into the era of tobacco prohibiton.  Will booze be next? 
I suggest they hire Mad Men’s Don Draper (Jon Hamm) to do their commercials about this dumb move.  Draper wrote that scathing letter, remember,  saying his ad agency would no longer accept tobacco company business. He’d be perfect for them!
car connect

This car connect stuff gets me to thinking about all the wild things we could do in the future.
For instance...road rage could be taken to a new the creep who just cut you off and a gave you the could “connect” with him and really give it back. need some weed or a fix....just connect with other drivers who look like the type that might “connect you” with that stuff. about hookers....etc etc etc.
Or...maybe you could finally hit directly on that blond in the passing car! the know “they” are spying on you in the new cars.  Welcome to our world!
see Oueen Rania here:

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