Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A-Rod's in town....stopped the show last night!


.....I was watching (not really) some of the previews for the new seasons tv shows.
    As usual...lots of guns...car crashes...bad guys etc...and then came the news that they were going to film Bad Boys 3!
    Hooray....more tearing up Miami and the cars and streets around here. But this time no Michael Bay directing...guess he’s wised up that BB2 was crap so 3 will be worse.  No commitment ether from Will Smith or Martin Lawrence.
    I was an extra (a cop) in BB2...but I won’t offer them my services again.

    But all this time in the back of my mind is the question...why not some decent shows...good plots...no guns or car crashes? You know...stuff from the 50’s and 60’s.
One show that would be an immediate hit would be the original “Millionaire”...the one where Marvin Miller..the great announcer... knocked on someone's door and presented them with a check for a million bucks!
That would be fun to see again.
    Or how about digging out the script for Joan of Arcadia season 3 and doing that one. Joan/God vs the devil!  Wonder who would win.  Amber Tamblyn’s too old nd tubby now...Selena Gomez could do it.
    Oh well...just some wishful thinking as I change the channel again.

    I am NOT a New York Yankee fan! and I really do not care for Alex Rodriguez on or off the field.
    But there was one of those moments that comes along once or twice in history of a sport that happened last night in the ninth inning of the Marlins-Yankee game in Miami.
    Let me set the scene.
    Marlins took the lead by one great home run in the 8th inning by young Derrick Dietrich (who?) in a hard throwing game between the 2 pitchers.
So the Marlins have gotten two outs and are one out away from victory.
    Then...the moment.  For the first time (he wasn’t in the lineup) Alex Rodriguez steps out of the Yankee dugout with bat in hand.
    Now you must know that Alex was raised in Miami...went to high school here...and has done much for the community despite that fact that he plays and resides in NYC.
    The sellout crowd rose to it’s feet as if one...and gave Alex about a ten minute ovation...Marlins fans included.
the game basically stopped.....the umpires and players refused for that short period to do anything but let this salute go on on until finally Alex took off his batting helmet...held it high and turned to the crowd in “thanks” and finally the game continued.
    this does NOT have a fairy tail ending.
    Rodregiz swung and hit a long ball to the outfield where our homer guy Stanton was waiting and that ended the game.
    Nevertheless...it WAS a moment for us all.


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