Sunday, June 14, 2015

FDR says we should have killed Hitler early would have saved millions!

President Roosevelt  
   ...Smoke touched my nostrils in the night...and I awoke smartly in case there was a fire.
      It was the cigarette in the holder held by the man they called FDR. 
      His Ghost was sitting in a chair near my bed.
“Mr. is indeed an honor to meet you at last.”
    “Thank you Stanley.  I may call you that?”
“Of course...and I know why you are here.”
    “Oh yes this business in the deserts of the middle east.”
    “MY biggest regret was...not trying to kill Hitler before he became entrenched...before the “final solution” as they call it.  But this fellow today...he doesn’t even wait to get entrenched just kills at random in front of the whole world,
    “Yes Mr. President...he must be stopped.”
“Your President has something I did not have in the late 30’s....he has the largest and most efficient fighting machine ever built...and he must use it. This man must be stopped.
    “Tell your President to do that...and do it now.”
“Yes sir...I will.  and thank you for the visit.”

But he was gone...just as the others before him.

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