Tuesday, June 16, 2015

THIS BLOG &.....How to use IT!

      Just realized that there are so many posts now...this is number 1,200...I really should point out a couple of things about the blog.
     Keep in mind I'm lucky to be able to do it everyday!

     You can always reach this blog with a simple Google search:


Since there are so many posts on so many things...the search window is best.

On each post on the upper right top there is a small search window.

Just put in the window a few words and hit your search (or return) and the posts containing the phrase return a list for you to click on.
 Nick Clooney

put Nick's name in the search and you get a bunch of stuff...as I've written a lot about him.


Selena Gomez.......maybe you'll see some nice pics.

    The "comment" thing...doesn't not work...never did.

If you want to comment just go to the bottom of any post and you'll find my email:


that's MY real email and I read all of them

You have to copy and paste the address into your mail server then do just as you would any email.
I don't collect and keep your email address.  (unless you're Kate...Julia...Sandy or Meg or even Selena!)

It's all that simple.

104 Nations now...love to hear from you!

June 17, 2015


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