Wednesday, June 24, 2015

If you had to sit for long hours next to a woman considered the most beautiful on the planet...what would you talk about?

Elle McPherson.....earlier & now at 50!
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Still Super at 50
             A reader of this response to my chance “encounter” with Julia Roberts at the Dolphin at Disneyworld....passes along this very interesting tidbit from his travels.  We’ll just call him “Hal” as he desires anonymity:

Got a similar item in my life.
  Years ago, I spent several hours on a flight from Sydney to LA sitting and talking to model Elle McPherson. Wasn't sure who she was at the time, only knew she was gorgeous, friendly & looked familiar. After landing, she thanked me for 
being so kind and making the flight more enjoyable. Fifteen minutes later, I saw her photo on a magazine cover. My jaw dropped like anvil falling off of a blacksmith's stand. And not one shred of proof that I'd ever met her and flown 
across the Pacific with her (& a few dozen other people)
thanks Hal, great story.  I always considered Elle THE most beautiful woman in the world. Till Kate came along.
and on the subject of afternoon on my Philly radio talk show Cheryl Tiegs dropped in for a visit. She was touting a camera...Canon or something and doing interviews about it. 
   During the commercial breaks she proceeded to take my Nikon 35mm and started taking shots of me.  I’ve still got some of those shots and will try to get them screened for this blog in the future.
....she was a delight...down to earth and of course...a knockout!

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