Tuesday, June 2, 2015

something new may be brewing........

A couple of days after their last phone conversation Bill and Jim were back in contact.


 Jim warned "I can’t say anything strategic here...you understand that, right ?”
    “Right...but things are developing on your side...correct?”
    “What’s not being considered or discussed is the huge “blowback” that would undoubtedly follow any decision of Obama to engage the enemy on large scale on their own turf.”

    “What blowback Jim.  Nothing’s been said over here across the river either.”

    “Think about it..as a campaign rolls on...a lame duck Democratic President is going to turn THAT upside down, basically, by invading and occupying large areas of Europe to defend the safe keeping of the citizens who live there.”
    “Now...the first Republican Presidential candidate to hop on the Obama war bandwagon...could well end up in the White House next year.”
    “Bill laughed heartily, you got to be kidding!”

“No...not at all...Hillary will give luke warm approval but she will not lead the band in this.”
    It’s all upside down if this happens and we will just have to wait on the “blowback” to settle in to see who’s strongest in all this.
    Obama may be compared to Abe Lincoln for fighting a war to keep Europe free......from ISIS.....but he’s not running again.  You tell me which Democratic candidate would ride this horse?”
    If our troops are still engaged when the voting starts...and no Democrat has jumped in full force FOR the action...the White House will probably go to any one of Republicans who has impressed the public that he is the leading hawk here...even more so than the President!”

    “Holy shit” Bill responded.  It IS topsy-turvy time.”

“Well...I’ve got a lot of preparations to work on here and I’m sure you’ve got an earful of political dogma to keep you going for awhile  We’ll know we are in for political havoc on the Democratic side when CNN starts to look like Fox and Fox looks like a winner either way.
    Talk to ya later.”

    Bill...in Langley...pressed a few buttons and planed for a long night of political “what if”.



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