Thursday, June 25, 2015

Islamist flag raised..over French factory!

 Time to move out the troops, Obama! Take over Yemen...set up headquarters...feed the people.

 Listen up Generals and Obama.
    I have a simple plan to take over Yemen without a shot being fired.
       Are you ready?  Here we go.

      The Navy Seals are airborne and will be dropped in areas AWAY from the border of Yemen...i.e. several miles FROM the actual border.
     They will have fancy night vision capabilities..and other equipment to that nature
     They will hide...lie in wait until the members if the 82nd airborne are dropped into the “inside” border of Yemen....let’s say about ten miles into the country...maybe more.

      So you have huge paratroop battalions dropping into Yemen.   Enemy soldiers will be fleeing like mad.
     They will move quickly (actually run like hell) across the border...and guess who’s waiting for them.
     Boom...bang dead Isis soldiers lying all over the place..with the Seals picking em off like you wouldn’t believe!

    Simple enough for you.  Only shots fired...the Navy Seals picking  em off one by one.

    End threat to Yeman.  That took about an hour!

    Your Welcome.
Even the “Wolf” would like this one.

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